Five Feet Apart – movie

Five Feet Apart…

Human touch. Those are the words with which it starts. It’s true, it’s something we cannot live without – the human touch. It connects us, brings us closer, comforts us and helps us express our feelings and emotions. What would we do without it? Well the answer to that lies in the movie ‘five feet apart’. It is without a doubt the most beautiful movie I’ve ever seen.

The movie is based on two teenagers who suffer from the disease Cystic Fibrosis. It prevents them from coming close to each other as they may end up catching each other’s bacteria. As a precaution they’re supposed to maintain a distance of six feet between them at all times. Let’s get an introduction of the leads, shall we?

Stella as played by the lovely Hailey Lu is a seventeen-year-old perfectionist.  She has a bit of an OCD and she does everything on time. She doesn’t believe in bending the rules and strictly sticks to her treatment schedule. She had an elder sibling in the movie, Abby who lives Stella’s life for her because Stella obviously can’t. Until, Abby couldn’t either. I’m not gonna give too much away now. Stella doesn’t really vouch to see the world. The only thing she craves to see are the city lights which are located about 2 miles from her hospital. She accepts the fact that she may die but doesn’t really like being reminded of the same. She just wants to live it out as she has planned out in her diary cum bucket list. Until, wait for it, cue Will Newman.

Will as portrayed by the impeccable Cole Sprouse is a reckless teenager who doesn’t really believe in his treatments. He sees no point in living since he knows his end isn’t that far. He meets Stella who then takes up the responsibility of making sure he does his treatments. Ultimately, they do fall in love but cannot be together due to their illness. But that doesn’t really stop them. Will lives his life dangerous and helps loosen up Stella’s uptight character so that she can live a little.

Stella has a YouTube channel where she makes a video about all the things that Cystic Fibrosis has taken from her. She then decides to take one foot from the disease. She changes the rules therefore enabling herself and Will to maintain a distance of five feet instead of six. Hence the name of the movie.

Its honestly a beautiful movie filled with a lot of warmth and compassion. Words won’t be able to describe it. It explains the value of human touch and how we should cherish it until we can’t have it anymore. It also portrays how we should live our life beyond the boundaries we set for ourselves. Because those boundaries shouldn’t prevent us from seeing what lies beyond them.

The end of the movie was emotional yet just heart-warming. I’m not going to disclose it but like Stella, I implore you to make a bucket list and put this movie on it!

Little tip: watch it without eye make up girls and watch with a bunch of tissues!