Things you left behind

This was following a prompt on facebook on the site #terriblytinytails. #NaPoWriMoXTTT. The prompt was- things you left behind.

As we grew up, we had no one to remind,

Of all the things which we left behind.

Enjoying a stroll with your grandparents through the park,

Or eating ice cream with dad in the dark.

Asking our parents to push us on the swings,

Are one of the many things.

The many things which we left behind,

As a small mischievous child.

Pulling pranks on our siblings seems so long ago,

Or how we bragged about things we wanted to show.

How every little thing was so fascinating,

And how homework was always worth procrastinating!

As I look back, I am reminded,

Of all the stationary which was provided.

The very best bag had to be brought to the first day of school,

And how having fun was the only rule.

We suddenly grew up and left a ton of things behind,

So many things now influx my mind.

The memories we made and the things we shared,

Living life as if no one cared!