thus poem is following a prompt on #ArtoonsInn. today’s theme was #Respe


Giving respect is somethings we humans avoid,

Thinking that it shows our inferior side?
commanding respect is a whole other thing,

It makes you feel like the alpha, the ultimate king.

So question yourselves, why’s it so hard to give,

We all feel it’s wanting for as long as we live.

For some of us it’s the most important thing of them all,

Its what gives you power and what makes you strong.

Nowadays, respecting elders seems like a joke,

But did you consider how many sad feelings that evokes?

So be a genuine person and respect people in your life,

Not only your youngsters but even your own wife!

You don’t know what kind of battle they’ve fought,

Or the things that they suffer through a lot.

So appreciate the people and pay them your respects,

Trust me, its something you just won’t regret!