I’m still waiting

This poem was following a prompt on #terriblytinytales on facebook. The title was “I’m still waiting”

I’m still waiting for my time to come,

I’ve just started, I’m far from done!

Just a butterfly ready to take its first flight,

Ready to see all the wonderful sights.

I’m still waiting until the time is right,

I have what it takes, all the will and might!

I want to make my mark in this world,

With all the things I’ve already learned.

I’m still waiting for my name to be called,

Waiting to make a difference however big or small.

I’ll be ready to make this world my place,

Ready to survive in this human race.

I’m still waiting to be accepted,

Waiting for my time to be selected.

All good things come to those who wait,

My every move determines my fate!

So, I’ll be waiting until its time,

Time for me to finally shine.

To create a name they won’t forget,

To keep moving forward without any regrets!