Alive. [a poem]

this poem was written following a prompt on #ArtoonsInn on facebook [for national poetry writing month. the aim was to end it with the words- “and so I lived”.

I thrived to survive for my life,

As the vicious disease engulfed my heart inside.

The pain was eating me alive,

I didn’t have any more will to survive.

My death was simply fated,

But my mother never for a moment hesitated.

She gave up her heart to save mine,

All she ever wanted was for me to be fine.

When I finally opened my eyes,

After fighting the fatal battle for my life.

A letter was kept on my bed,

Which after reading several tears I shed.

She explained how she sacrificed herself for me,

How my life wasn’t done, there was still much to see.

She wanted me to take care of her heart,

For now, she lived in me and we’d never be apart.

Tears rolled down my cheeks,

My great mother couldn’t see me weak.

All my life all she did was give,

Even her heart and so now I live.