My Battle With Depression [a poem]

My battle with depression was mine alone to own,
It haunted me day and night even in my home.
It made me miserable and never let me sleep,
As a result of which throughout the nights I’d weep.

It made me feel vulnerable, made me feel all alone,
It wearied my soul and every bone.
The battle was mine to fight, was mine to win.
My ray of hope was something my family wouldn’t let me dim.

They stood by me from the start,
Even when all the sorrow just tore me apart.
“It’s complicated,” I’ll say,
But there’s always another way.

A way to have a little faith to ace,
Make it through it all with grace.
So all that’s left to do is to remember it is ‘YOU’,
You who can overcome your fears, bid them – “shoo”