The way of the world.

I mean isn’t that what everyone wants to figure out – The way the world works? How it exercises control over us? How it uses us like mindless robots? There’s no method to its working. I feel it just goes with the flow like we do. I mean the world works based on what we make of it. Correct?

It’s actually funny how at one instant we feel like we have the whole world in the palm of our hands and the next minute it turns to dust. It tries to bring us down, throw us around, doubt ourselves and make us feel worthless. Every one we see is just a puppet being controlled by the rules that govern them. I mean it’s like a play where everyone has a part and a plot which ends with an unexpected twist and we’re just meant to act on cue and let the rest handle itself.

Sabrina carpenter quoted in her song- “cause that’s just the way of the world, it never ends till the end and then you start again.” I mean isn’t that just it? Isn’t that what all of us do every day?  We kill ourselves trying to achieve something, achieve it and then repeat the process by moving on to something else that we want to accomplish. Because that’s just how the world is! It doesn’t give you the everlasting feeling of success. It gives you the desire to want more. That works out pretty great ideally where some of us push harder to be better while the others misunderstand and enter the vicious circle of greed of wanting more and more.So, even when the world provides us with something for our benefit, we misinterpret it and try exploiting the situation to our advantage.

I don’t get it though! In 15 years of my life I’ve believed that everything happens for a reason. I don’t believe that things happen because they had to happen but that it was the world’s way of teaching something that we missed out on. But what if that’s just it? What if things don’t happen because they are meant to happen but because the world wants to test us?

Sometimes we react well to the hurdles that life sets in front of us and sometimes we just miss by that millimetre. It’s like a game. Like snakes and ladders more specifically. With each chance we take, each throw of our dice decides whether we go up or down. So there are going to be snakes, snakes that the world will throw at us to test if we stay bitten or if counter the venom and try again. But life provides us with ladders too, to experience success and keep working towards it.

So by all this I just want to say that it really doesn’t matter how the world works or how it treats us. Our response and choices are what get us through anything and everything. It’s just a matter of luck sometimes if you’re willing to take a chance. So explore its way, the way of the world.  Don’t let the little things let you down, get you down. Take the chance and break down the walls. Don’t think of what may go wrong, think of what may go right for I have a new belief, a new tenet, a new creed………… every effort is worth it!