The Pain of Change.

So, I’ve been toying around with the ideas of pain and change a lot and I just figured why not incorporate one with the other? I wanted to talk about pain in a way that is relatable and at the same time something that is somehow hauntingly beautiful. While with change, I just wanted to keep it pure and real. Somehow thinking about the two drew me to the realization that change is painful. And that’s something I’ve been personally enduring as have many of you, I’m sure. So, I thought that’s what I should lay emphasis on. Welcome to the pain of change.

Change as a concept itself isn’t something anyone really likes to embrace. I mean why would you want to? Why would you wanna demolish the way things have been so far to start from scratch? Why would you want to readjust? While I’m not denying that sometimes change can be for the better, I’m just trynna put into perspective the ways it can be perceived, the way it can be dominating and painful.

Change is inevitable. There’s no barrier to stop it from happening. Your whole world, entire belief system, entire state of mind can be changed in the blink of an eye. Though I find that the most painful kind of change is the one that happens right infront of you. It hurts to see the people and things you’ve had in your life, the ones you thought you knew in and out, change into something you never deemed possible. People change all the time and its so hard to accept that. It’s even more painful when it’s the people you once knew who are slowly morphing into people who are just part of your life’s backstory now. The bottom line is- we can never come to terms with the painful truth that no matter what your involvement has been, things will change, people will change and your reaction to it will change too.

Let’s talk about that now- your reaction to change. This is where the pain comes into play. While a lot of the changes in life are ones you see coming, you might never fully be prepared for them. So even the most planned out reactions to these changes can hurt like crazy. Change can mentally alter the state of your mind. It can control the way you function mentally and physically. One of the major reasons we reject change is because we’re not ready to see a particular storyline of our life end. Its consuming, the process of accepting that some things will just not stay the same anymore. It really tests your sanity. Its hard to just toss out a piece of your story just because it changed. I’ve realised that your reaction to change doesn’t have to be perfect or ideal, it just needs to be genuine. If you’re not ready for change, its completely okay. Convincing yourself otherwise is not.

The last thing I wanna talk about would be about the changes that take place within yourself. Sometimes its not the people or the situation that changes, its just you. That’s even more complicated to accept. The fact that its you who has changed. Maybe its not your fault you changed, maybe the circumstances prompted you to. What’s important in that scenario isn’t to blame yourself for that, but to figure out who you’ve changed into. There are an end number of things that can cause you to change- being depressed, feeling lost, being betrayed, lied to etc etc. But the thing about this change is that you’re the one its gonna affect most of all. Its you who’s gonna need to come to terms with it no matter what the reason. I’ve changed as a person too. I say that the circumstances made me change but maybe the truth of the matter is that maybe I was meant to change as a person. That’s it. sometimes it’s not even about what changed you. It can simply be about you changing yourself.

Okay so these were a few things that I’d witnessed and endured knowing that I’m not the only one who has to go through it. I mean literally we’re all gonna experience it. I guess you can find comfort in the fact that you’re not the only one who has to embrace change at times. and you definitely don’t have to face change alone. You can always talk about it. I’m here too if any of you ever need to 🙂

Don’t cave into change, give more to it!