A Dog’s point of view

Hi! I’m Bubbles aka Gappu. I’m a gorgeous little shih-tzu but only little by size. Don’t hold that against me! 😉 Anyways, getting back to it, I’m a dog. A soft little furball whose hobbies include- eating, sleeping, going on walks and well sleeping again. Oh! Did I mention that I have 4 humans too! That’s right, 4!

They seem to think I belong to them but in reality, they belong to me. I own them.

(mom screams- Gappu come here and finish this food! You’re not getting anything else!)

Okay fine- they own me. But I’m still extremely tough. And I look it!

(Anika comes- who’s my cutie pie? Yes, you are, aren’t you? Don’t you just look adorable with that pink little clip!)

Okay, okay I look like a stuffed toy. A round, fluffy and soft stuffed toy.

But I still have those four humans. Wanna meet them?

Let’s start with my official owner- My Mother. She was the one who picked me at the shelter. The good old lick on the nose made her fall in love with me. Classic! She’s probably the best of all of them. She loves me like her own, sometimes more than her own! I can always count on mom for everything. She and I have THE BOND. She knows what I want and how I want it. The only time I absolutely hate her is when she says- “Gappu! Nahai, nahai chalo!” (comes its bath time).

Ugh! That word gives me the shivers. Yikes! Any who she’s just wonderful. She takes care of me when I’m sick, buys me the best treats and knows where the magical doggie tickle spot it. Ah my luck! I’m the luckiest dog in the world to have her.

Let’s move on to my other owner, shall we?

Meet pops! He paid for me so you gotta love him, right? And he gets me chicken from Hyderabad so that’s just an added bonus. He isn’t around much but oh boy does he treat me when he’s here. I just stick to him when he’s here. I wanna go everywhere he goes. Even to the dreadful bathroom if necessary (that’s where I’m bathed). he’s a family man. Never lets any opportunity for family time pass by. And he doesn’t exclude me from the bed area. He lets me take his spot on the bed while he’s away. Ask mom if you want.

(mom- Gappu get off the bed!)
okay fine- I TAKE his spot. I believe in the whole ‘first come, first serve’ theory, you know?

Dad loves all his kids. I personally think me more but he loves his girls too. I guess we both have that in common. We both love the girls. Who are the girls you ask?
they’re my sisters. Like literally. Its official. They even tie me a rakhi on rakshabandhan every year. I’m supposed to protect them in return. Full disclosure- If anyone ever does attack, they’re on their own!

Let’s start with the older one. Her name’s Rishika. She’s a good sister. The mature one. She and I have a lot of common likings- we both major in sleeping, relaxing and eating chicken. She’s my soul sister. She loves her phone though. She’s on it ALL THE TIME. The worst is when she catches me to take ‘selfies’ with her. she takes like 50 pictures until she has just the perfect smile, light, angle and exposure. She’s taught me a thing or two about poses too you know? I could pass as a model.

Like mom, her massages are amazing. All I have to do is put my head under her arm and she just starts the heavenly experience. That is until Anika comes to shout at her.

Who’s Anika? That’s the youngest member of the family. You know, besides me. She’s my partner in crime. The bad girl. In the fun way. She takes me on the best walks and plays the wildest games with me. She’s kinda short tempered but not with me, she would never let anything happen to me and would sympathise if I was yelled at. Anika has the bestest friends too. All her friends absolutely love me. Like they’re literally at my tail 24/7. Its kinda annoying after a point.

Anika’s the bubbly one, like me. We both are overly enthusiastic about everything and we just cannot do without being wild and cheeky.

So yeah, that basically covers my four humans. Now for the creature in the house that is technically family, but not mine.

Behold, Zoey. She’s mamma’s bird. Literally no one besides mom can touch her. I hate having to share one of my humans with her. She just couldn’t have gotten her own? She hates me the most. I maintain a one -mile radius around her. her voice itself is sheer torture. And she knows my name. How scary is that? Her hobbies include biting me on my nose and then laughing her devilish laugh. She’s not that cool but she’s family. She’s supposed to outlive all of us. I think its better that way, she’ll have more years to ensure she goes to hell.

So that’s my life. Those are my humans and that’s my point of view. I’m good at this. Maybe I should start blogging about my life. Suggestions? Put them in the comments y’all. PEACE OUT! Or whatever these humans say.