Me and my tumour

Hola peeps! I’ve got something interesting in store for you today. What I’m about to tell you may be known to most of you but even then, you may not know the entire details. It took a lot of thinking, but I think I’m finally ready to tell you guys the story. The story of how I got my tumor. More specifically, my Benign Pituitary tumor.

The story is a little hard for me to explain, but I’ll try my best to put it into words for you guys. So, what exactly is Benign Pituitary Tumor? Well, its basically a brain tumor. Scary, right? It’s a non- cancerous tumor in my pituitary gland which does not spread beyond the skull. Its treatable but life-long. I was diagnosed with it when I was a year and a half. So nearly three and a half years back.

It started as a mild fever which would come and go but worsened thereafter. It resulted in a drop in my energy levels, fattening, and frequent urination. It made me super lethargic. I found it hard to even get up for my daily walks. It hurt really bad. My mom was the one to start noticing it and rushed me to the doctor. After a lot of tests, injections (yikes!) and x-rays, the doctor declared my brain tumor to the family. The doctor started my treatment by putting me on regular medication and saline drips. It continued for a long time and I still showed no signs of improvement. The vet did give my mother the option of putting me down but my family wasn’t ready to give up on me until the very end.

After noticing me suffer a lot, mom sat down the girls to have a talk with them. She explained to my sisters what exactly was wrong with me and how if my conditioned worsened, she would make the strong call of putting me down. The girls, who were just 11 and 13 at the time, took this news very hard. They burst into tears every now and then as the thought of losing me horrified them. My family tried to put up a brave face infront of me so that I didn’t feel as if something was wrong but I knew. Finally, a friend of mom’s recommended a new vet for me. He was not as experienced as my old one though it was worth a last shot.

The next day, mom took me to the vet, leaving the girls home since they had exams coming up. While I was at the vet, my sisters couldn’t think of anything else. They were too concerned and hoped that I would get better. After a couple of hours, mom got me home in her arms. As soon as she rang the doorbell, the girls came running to open the door. Mom stepped in to find her daughters standing infront of her with curiosity in their eyes. Mom finally broke into tears and said, “He’s gonna be alright!” the girls were so relieved. All of us hugged it out and celebrated, toasting to my recovery.

The new doc put me on a medication imported all the way from Germany. It’s what keeps me alive. If I were to get off the medication, I would run the risk of dying. After a few weeks, I was as good as new! My energy was back and so was my ‘bubbly’ personality. Three and a half years later, I’m still good. Living on my medication and my family’s love for me. I’m just glad I didn’t have to leave these amazing people. They mean the world to me and no world is my world without them.

So, I guess that’s it. Kinda like a superhero movie no? the beloved hero fighting between life and death. But the hero doesn’t die, does he now? Until next time guys!