So my mom just came back from her high school reunion in shillong today and I can’t stop picturing myself with my friends about 10 years from now when we’ll be hosting ours…I mean school’s over in another 2 months…

It just struck me that we join school crying and leave school crying…how school is the last place we want to go as kids and the only place we want to go later on to escape everything! It’s funny how we turn our friends into family and entrust our lives in them…

I guess no one will forget the categories- the Queen bees, the wannabes,the jocks, the nerds, the introverts and the extroverts..not to forget all the memories- the fights, the last minute projects, irritating the teachers, last minute cramming, picnic anticipation, Tiffin expeditions, singing and dancing in proxies and the exam controversies.

Wow, time really flies by…we’re done…we made it through secondary!

So what happens next? Do we part ways forever or tag people along? Do we know what to do or go with the flow? 

It’s so obscure…I guess everyone just expects us to make something of ourselves now…to find ourselves and follow our hearts? 

I don’t know where I’ll see myself in 10 years or 25 years for that matter, for all I know I could just be another person thriving to survive and keep up with the world…but what I do know is that I never want to forget my school life…the 13 years that helped me discover myself and made me realize what I want…and I’m just thankful to everyone who helped me become who I am.

It doesn’t matter what you make of yourself if you have to do it by pulling other people aside…so who cares what happens next? What you do wrong or right? We’ll make mistakes, our own mistakes and it’s up to us to decide to let them make us or break us.

It’s like my mom says – take it with a pinch of salt and move on. Truly words to live by….