Feelings pt.2

Nothing’s ever easy when the heart is involved, is it? I’ve found it to be so because wherever the heart is involved, feelings are too. I thought I understood feelings. The thing is I’ve always had mine figured out because more than my heart, I listen to my head. Its just feels practical to. Bu throughout last year I thought once, just once I’d let my heart take the lead and it led me nowhere.

The truth of the matter is that following your heart seems more authentic. People believe the heart knows what’s best and hence they neglect everything and everyone else. Take love for example. People think that’s definitely the heart’s domain. Actually, the feeling of love is sourced from the brain, not the heart. But we forget that. I think the reason why is because we don’t want to believe that an emotion as strong as love can radiate out of such a complex part of our body so we just associate it with the heart because that seems natural. That heart = Love. But maybe it comes from such a complex part because love is complex. Ever thought maybe that’s why your head should have a part in it too?

Feelings in general are complex. They mess you up and make you question everything. And not just in the romantic realm but also in your friendships, connections, and other relations. Almost at all times, we use our feelings as an excuse to avoid confronting the way we actually feel. I do it too. Because most times, we find caving and avoiding our feelings easier than actually facing them head on.

I’ve learnt that everybody has different feelings. And not all people process those feelings the same way. And that’s okay. Because we’re not wired the same, we’re not subjected to the same emotions. So why let that destroy the way you or someone else sees things? The one thing that we all have in common is that we’re all afraid and we all need space to sort out how we feel and how to act upon those feelings. Because not having that space and time to yourself and rushing into things just makes it a zillion times worse. So, its fine to take the time you need. However long it takes. At least you’ll be clear headed.

I haven’t figured mine out yet. Honestly it scares the living hell out of me but I’m absolutely fine. Because I’m wired in a way that I need time, practicality and a whole lot of understanding. Maybe you’re wired different. What I have to say is, don’t use your feelings as an excuse to avoid the inevitable. Take the time you need to understand them and then act upon what feels right. And never let feelings get in the way of what’s most important to you.  Because without those important things, what’s the point of any of this? Right?