The Year That Has Been

Like the annual YouTube rewind, this is my 2019 rewind. I know we’re well into the new decade but I kinda looked back and realized how much I’d been through the past year and how much I’ve grown. Looking back helped me analyze how far I’ve come but also reminded me how far I still have to go. So, this is my 2019 at a glimpse 😉

The year started with the stress of my 10th preliminary examinations over my head. I guess it safe to say that looking back, that’s something I do not miss! 10th grade came with a lot of added pressure, high standards and expectations but at the same time it concluded the end of my school life with a lot of treasured memories. Grade 10th was a wild ride. But it was worth it. I appeared one of the most important examinations of my life in 2019- the 10th boards. Everything I’d studied for had come down to it. Fortunately, I did well in my boards and passed with hopes of a bright future.

I admit, saying good bye to my school, walking out of those huge iron gates for the final time was one of the most heart-breaking moments of my life so far. My parents always said that school life is the best experience for a person. I can vividly see what they meant now. But I’m happy to have concluded that chapter of my life, emotional or not.

During the course of my summer- I realized my love for two things- travelling and writing. It was in the summer of ’19 that I started blogging and developing as a writer. My mother was a big help in that. She’s taught me everything I know and I owe all my success in writing to her. It was with her by my side that I was able to successfully publish 10 books my first year as a writer. I also won several awards because of my mother’s constant support and faith in me. So mom, I am truly grateful for everything you’ve done!

Moving on to the next phase of my year- College. Months and months of research led down to the decision of me joining the renowned Mithibai college of arts. So, now I’m a junior, studying arts in one of the best colleges out there. I could not be more grateful. Starting college marked a new beginning in my life. It also made me realize that I’m officially a college student. Officially a young adult. It’s been an over-0whelming experiences but I’m glad I have my friends and family along for the ride.

The next development in my life was turning sixteen. Not so much a development but it felt like hitting a milestone. My sweet sixteenth was a big deal to me. My family always told me that turning 16 would signify me turning into a young adult. My parents made sure I had the most fantastic 16th I could have hoped for.

So, these are all the things I accomplished over the course of my 2019. Besides these I also felt more like a grown up. I guess I’m starting to learn what adult responsibility and maturity feels like. The past year helped me understand myself a bit better. It helped me make sense of my feelings, my desires, my goals and my aspirations. I embarked on a journey to myself. To figuring out what I want and how far I’m willing to go to get it. I also built up on self-care. I started taking better care of myself- mentally and physically. I started realizing that there’s only so much I can do and that its okay to not have everything under control.

So, overall how would I sum up my 2019. In a word- enlightening.

This post goes out to everyone who has been a part of my past year. All the people I met, all the new friends I made, all the friends who’ve been there for me every step of the way and finally to my family for always having my back.

I just hope 2020 has better things in store for me. And for all of you. Also, a big thank you to all my readers. I write to connect with people and I’m so grateful to all of you out there who feel like they can connect with my posts. I love you all and thank you so much for reading!