Perfection is overrated

Perfection is overrated

Is it? Well I think it definitely is. I mean I’m not against doing things that can be labelled as “just right” but people tend to get so caught up in achieving perfection that they lose sight of what’s important. I get it, as humans we are expected to be versions of ourselves that we really aren’t. The thing is, in order to attain that perfection and flawlessness in our work we get in our own way and compete for that “perfect” label with ourselves.

We’re our biggest competition. In almost everything we do, we’re judged on our precision and flawlessness. We do almost anything to come out on top. But it’s not achievement or accomplishment but perfection that we’re really judged on!

It’s okay trying to be the best but is it really worth trying to be perfect if it means making the other person feel inferior? Does that make you the alpha? We live in a world where we’re judged for everything and being perfect is the most common judgement of all.

We’re always asked to project ourselves in the best manner and to showcase our flawless side and to create an everlasting impression. We project ourselves as these perfect robots and then we’re expected to keep it up. Once you create the image of you being perfect, the slightest mistake could make people doubt your perfection. The judgement just never stops.

It’s complicated to keep it together every minute of every day and to be that flawless version of yourself that you really don’t enjoy being. I know that we feel that being perfect makes us feel confident but being imperfect should not make us feel insecure either. We’re humans, each one being unique, we’re all imperfect and we need to make our peace with it.

So I implore you, I instead of being perfect and fitting it, be imperfect and stand out. Be the diamond in a rhinestone world and don’t fake being someone you really aren’t. Don’t be hard on yourself for not being the best at everything but embrace your talent and cherish what you do best because I can assure you that being perfect is OVERRATED.