There are so many questions that we as human beings don’t understand. So many events that occur without making any sense whatsoever. In the life of a teenager alone, the person evolves so much. come to think of it, those seven years turn a person from an immature child to a self- dependant adult. Isn’t it so weird? How we humans can undergo such drastic changes but can’t make a simple change in a daily routine. We are open yet not open to change. That’s something we all have in common. The resistance to change. But it still prevents us from expressing it out loud. Which leads me to my next topic- why do we refrain from expressing certain thoughts?

The one thing that I’ve always failed to understand is that why are humans so socially awkward with one another sometimes? Even when they are both in the same situation. For example, when you meet someone new. Why is it that you both feel shy and a certain level of awkwardness? You’re both feeling it. so why can’t you communicate it to one another? If you think meeting someone new is hard since you know nothing about them and can’t find a common basis to hit it off soon, I wouldn’t disagree.  Because while meeting someone new can be both exciting and scary, you couldn’t anticipate what the other person might expect while meeting you.

But how about when you meet an old friend after years? Why is it still awkward? In this scenario, you already know each other so reigniting your friendship should be easy. But we still refrain from making conversation. You might say it’s because we don’t know how years of being apart has affected us, what all has changed etc. while I agree, when you meet someone after years of having some or no contact with them, you can’t possibly know how their life has changed but you can still hit it off. Since you already know the person, you may have past memories with them or may remember your common interests. Shouldn’t that suffice in forming the basis of your conversation? Why is it still so socially awkward?

It never ceases to amaze me as to how we humans’ function. Despite going through the same experiences together, we fail to empathise with the other person. Why not just put it out in the open? Admit that its awkward? 99.99% of the time, the other person feels the same way. So why is it that we still fail to acknowledge the elephant in the room?

I’m no psychological, social or scientific expert but I don’t think you’d all disagree with some of these facts. I think that deep down we all know that we’re the same but we just fail to express it with that minute fear that maybe it’s just us, its not what everyone else feels. Maybe the others don’t feel the same way and that they might judge us. Well then my question is why? Why do we let social anxiety get to us? Why are our actions based on other’s opinion and fear?

All of us- popular/unpopular, easy going/anxious, extrovert/introvert have one thing in common- we’re all afraid to be accepted into the world. We let that fear get to us. Control us. Why?

Aren’t we evolved? Shouldn’t we be more open minded and confident? In my opinion, I think that this evolution is in some ways pressing us down. There is so much at stake now. So much pressure. Society has become more judgemental. It’s not accepting, its opiniated. The fear of acceptance in society constantly haunts us. What if we don’t fit in? what if we’re different? I say we embrace our differences. Don’t our differences make us unique?

If all of us are afraid of not being accepted then why now put it out there? Why not state we’re afraid instead of pushing ourselves to our extremes? WHY DON’T WE JUST COMMUNICATE? Is it so important to maintain your high status or your dignity? Would you rather be crushed under all this pressure rather than facing it with everyone together?

So that’s what I wanted to talk about. I understand that we’re all built differently. Everyone has their own perceptions and is entitled to their own opinions. But at the end, we’re one. We’re the same species, with the same problem. So why not face it and state it? I say we change the why. Make it ‘WHY NOT?’ so instead of asking yourselves why? Try asking yourselves why not?

Why not be different? Why not change thinking? Why not communicate? WHY NOT ACCEPT OURSELVES RATHER THAN WAITING FOR OTHERS TO ACCEPT US?

So, it’s up to you.

What’s it gonna be?

Why or why not?

{P.S.- I’m no expert at this stuff and I’m not opposing anything. It’s not an argument, it’s a discussion so be open to it y’all. it’s my perspective. Cause why not? 😉 }