The Lion King – Movie

Hakuna matata! Indeed, what a wonderful phrase! Hey guys. Today I’m gonna be walking you through the live-action lion king movie which is out in theatres now. I saw it yesterday and even after twenty-five years, this version of the spectacular tale did not fail to amaze. In this post, I’m going to be expressing my views on the revival movie and also describing the main characters and how they progressed throughout the duration of the movie. So, if you’re yet to watch the movie and are planning on seeing it anytime soon, then I suggest you read this after you’ve seen it.


Also, I’ve written my views on the musical numbers of this film on another post on my blog. Be sure to check that out as well.

So, what is the storyline of the lion king? Well the movie starts with the king and queen of the pride lands, Mufasa and Sarabi, introducing their new born son, Simba to their kingdom. The entire animal kingdom welcomes the young prince and the only one not in attendance is the king’s brother Scar. Scar was supposedly next in line for the throne, but Simba’s arrival proved otherwise for him. As the film progresses, Mufasa teaches his son about the circle of life and how Simba will one day be king of everything the light touches. Simba continues to learn his role as king along with his friend Nala while an annoyed Scar devises a plan with the help of his allies- the hyenas, to kill Mufasa. Scar takes Simba to a gorge where he arranges for a stampede of animals to come kill the future king. While Simba battles for his life, Scar cautions Mufasa who tries to save his son. After ensuring his son’s safety, Mufasa tries to save himself. While climbing a steep slope, Scar pushes Mufasa to his death.

Scar then blames Mufasa’s death on Simba and tells the young cub to run away and never return while Scar returns to pride rock to tell people about Mufasa and Simba’s death. He then assumes the throne to the pride lands. Simba is then found by Timon and Pumba who continue to raise him as their own. Years later, Simba is all grown up and runs into Nala who has come in search for help to save the pride lands. Nala tells Simba that under Scar’s reign, a drought has ensued and all the animals have either been killed or have perished. After some help from Rafiki and his deceased father, Simba returns to pride rock to fight for his home. In a ferocious battle, Simba and the hyenas kill Scar and Simba assumes his right to the throne. The kingdom later rejoices as King Simba and Queen Nala welcome the arrival of their new born cub, Kiara. That’s how the movie ends.

Now let’s discuss the characters, shall we? Let’s being with the king of the pride lands, King Mufasa. The new movie features the king as a heavily built, majestic lion who rules over his kingdom with uttermost grace and wisdom. He teaches his son all that he knows about being king and the circle of life. While he is a commanding king, he portrays his soft side later on while playing with his son. He teaches Simba valuable lessons and even after his death, continues to show Simba the right way. A truly faithful king indeed! His death is officially one of the saddest Disney deaths in the history of Disney movies.

Moving on to his son, the future king of the pride lands, Simba. Simba, throughout the film is portrayed as an independent and carefree lion. While he anxiously awaits his time to be king, he fantasises about all the things he’d do under his rule. He’s a rule breaker and is easily manipulated by his uncle Scar. As he grows up, his carefree nature develops. He believes in the motto ‘hakuna matata’ which means ‘no worries’. Even as he abandons his life as king, he still remembers the values his father had carefully instilled in him. He doesn’t exactly grow up to be as commanding and heavily built as his dad but is certainly well defined with a young charm about him. He also saves his home towards the end of the movie and assumes his claim to the throne with exuding confidence and charisma.

Let’s talk about Nala. She’s a young carefree cub like Simba at the beginning of the movie but grows up to be a practical and quick-witted lioness under Scar’s reign. She doesn’t want to live under Scar’s rule and searches for help and runs into Simba. She persuades Simba to return back to the pride lands. She also doesn’t give up on Simba and makes sure to let him know that’s she believes in him. She is concerned about her home throughout the film and does everything in her power to ensure the well-being of the kingdom. She’s strong headed and so beautiful. Talk about beauty with brains!

Let’s move onto the honourable mentions- Timon, Pumba and Scar. Timon and Pumba raise Simba as their own and ensure his safety at all times. They look up to him while instilling life lessons in him at the same time. Most importantly, they teach him ‘hakuna matata’, their life motto. They too help in the fight to win back the pride lands and quite heroically may I add. Scar is the villain of the film. He is manipulative, deceitful and jealous. He devises various plans to ensure his claim to the kingdom. After claiming his throne, he tries to make Sarabi his queen at which she scoffs. Even as king, Scar has big shoes to fill and keeps trying to prove that he is ten times the king Mufasa was. As if!

The whole movie has been beautifully directed and brought back to life. I could personally not have asked for a better way to relive my childhood. It was simply amazing. I highly recommend it! The musical numbers where beautifully choreographed too. Beyoncé was the voice of Nala so I’d expect nothing less. The musical numbers were indeed the best part. Be sure to check out my article on them on my next blog post. All in all, the movie didn’t fall short of any heart- warming or goose bump giving scenes! Watching it is a thing worth putting on your to-do list. Lemme know what you guys thought of it in the comments section and if you agree with my picks or not!