The day they got me home.

Hey guys! I got a TON of positive feedback on my first post and since then I’ve decided to create my very own blog! It will be linked on my elder sister, Rishika’s Instagram account and also on her Facebook page. Be sure to follow both our accounts to keep up with the content. Although I’m sure I’ll have more followers than her. My adorable puppy eyes do a number on people.

Anyways, back to the post. A lot of you know what my breed is, what my life span is, what my interests are etc but no one really knows where I came from. Well, you’re about to find out.

My four humans (I’m sure you remember them from my previous post) got me home on the 26th of April, 2014. I was just a forty-six-day old pup. Damn cute, may I add! I later learned that getting a dog was a completely impromptu plan. My four humans have always been fond of pets. There hasn’t been a time in the house without a single pet. Be it a rabbit or a guinea pig, a fish or a bird, a turtle or a dog, this house has had it all! There was another dog before me and after him, my family never really intended on getting another dog. The plan of finally getting one was completely uncalled for and happened in the city of Hyderabad.

My mom and my sisters were visiting dad in the summer and decided to eat out one night. On their way to the restaurant, they passed by a pet store. ‘Fur and Feathers’. They still had some time to kill before their scheduled reservation and hence decided to check out the pet store. The store had some adorable puppies of different breeds and the girls just fawned all over them. But this isn’t where they met me. While looking at the puppies, my mom realised how much she wanted one. Dad was working in Hyderabad and the girls had busy schedules with schools and tuitions, making mom feel rather lonely. She was actually the one who decided to finally get another dog. She needed love and comfort and who better for the job than a cute little pup? Mom has this sense of knowing when a particular pet is right for her. She says that she can just sense it. Amazing, isn’t it?

Anyways, she held each pup in her hand and none of them felt right to her. During dinner she browsed the net to find a shelter nearby. She finally found one and the family drove up there after dinner. The owner of the shelter greeted them and asked them what kind of a puppy they wanted. Since they didn’t have a particular breed in mind, they were open to them all. The owner let all the puppies he had out of their cages so that my family could have their pick. There were a lot of breeds to choose from- from Labradors to German shepherds, pugs to Maltese and then finally me, an adorable little Shih Tzu. I came in like a wrecking ball, like literally.

As soon as I was let out of my cage, I zapped across the place. I ran through a pile of dirt, ran circling around the poles and finally ended up at mom’s feet. Mom picked me up and held me close to her face. I simply licked on her nose and that was it, she was mine. My territory had been marked. She just fell in love with me. I was the perfect dog for her. before getting me home, the family decided to observe me for a while and get a back story. The owner said that I was born in Bangalore and had been brought to Hyderabad. He continued to explain my requirements to mom and dad while the girls watched me play around. I too tried to impress them. There was a pole with a rope attached to it. To demonstrate the amount of strength I had, I pulled on the rope so much that the pole started to wobble. To show them my energy levels, I ran across the shelter as if it were my race course.

All that seemed to do the trick cause the girls broke into applause. After they got me home, they sat down to decide upon a name for me. Judging by my energetic and bubbly nature, Rishika decided to name me ‘Bubbles’. Judging by my adorable furball appearance, my mom decided to nick-name me ‘Gappu’. So, I guess that was it, that was the day I came home. Came home to the best four humans in the world. Peace out!