Powerful title, ain’t it? Some feelings have the power to make you feel over the moon while some do the atrocious job of absolutely crushing you. I’m a teenager. I’ve learned that 16 years into my life, I still don’t know how to control them. And that’s okay. I don’t have to have the power of controlling everything I feel. There’s a saying- ‘emotions cloud judgement’. I kinda abide by it. Because as soon as you let your emotions get in the way, they can really mess with your head, throw you around and overall just affect your decisions.

Its funny how feelings can change in just a second. One moment you may feel like you own the world and the other you may just feel like you just turned to dust. Its quite fascinating if you think of it. Why does it happen? I mean why is it that everything is associated with the way we feel? I bet that the minute you read the title of this post; a billion emotions just ran through your mind. Is it honestly a word so scary? Feelings? Or do we just deem it to be? They are so many unanswered questions that come to mind in this regard. I can’t say I know the answers to every one of them. But then again, there’s no harm in wondering.

I personally feel like the best feelings have been turned into songs. I mean come to think of it, aren’t the best songs written when you have a particular feeling in mind? I’m not a songwriter but I write poems. And I know for a fact that when I put my feelings and emotions into them, the outcome is more fruitful. So, is that it? Feelings control everything? I tend to differ there on a point or two. Yes, feelings do control things. But your perspective matters more. And your feelings and your perspective are two completely different things.  Your feelings may put you in different situations but its your perspective which ultimately decides how the situation will turn out.

 You can’t blame your feelings for everything. Ever stopped to think that your lack of acceptance may be the problem? The fact that you can’t accept a particular situation immediately stirs up mixed feelings about the same. It make cause utter confusion and you may choose to let your emotions get the better of you and end up blaming them later. I mean Isn’t that just what we all do?

When I myself typed out the topic- feelings and re-read it, I immediately felt the word over power my mind. It just kind of took over. I then understood how the word may have stirred up so many emotions inside us. Though I bet 90% of us felt like it got the best of us. Everybody feels differently and I’ve learned that you can’t make their feelings turn in your favour. It doesn’t work that way. Why? That’s the most feared question of all.

So, I guess that’s just it. You can’t do anything about your feelings. They come to you even if you don’t want them to. They mess you up and crush you. But then sometimes you can just try to accept that maybe you can’t do anything about them and move forward. Or maybe you can accept them and make the best out of them. In either option, the word accept comes up. So accept it. Accept your feelings. Don’t try to decline them or stage a war with them.  Make peace with them and let them lead the way sometimes. There are a million feelings to be discovered, whether you accept them or not is the only decision that’s up to you. So make the right one.