Fashion- welcome to my world!

So, I’m gonna be frank with you. There’s so much more to the word ‘Fashion’ than meets the eye. Its everywhere really. Yet only some know how deep it runs. How its not only covering our outer body but how it goes beyond, penetrates into our bones and reflects our inner style. The way a person dresses or preferably ‘styles himself/herself’ tells a lot about them. Some people just don’t care. You see them in hoodies, cardigans and sweat shirts all the time. While others, boy are those the treats, are so fashion conscious that they can’t step out until they have on the perfect outfit. Which one am I? keep reading to find out.

It was at the age of ten or eleven when I sat my parents down and told them that it’s the fashion industry I wanna build my career in. Like any model parents, they didn’t hold me back. I’m almost sixteen and I’m still set on that dream. And I don’t really plan on deviating from it. I’m pursuing journalism too (as you can probably tell from this blog post). Design is what I initially intended to do but I’m keeping all my options open. So much so that I recently graduated a Parsons certified, summer ‘fashion styling’ course from the international school of design and innovation. Let me tell you, the experience- surreal, the academy- top notch, the faculty- phenomenal and the standards- through the roof.

I remember walking into the building for my admission interview confidently. Or was it confidence? Well it was up until the elevators opened to the ultimate world, the world I so desperately wanted to be a part of.  It was breath taking. Like literally. People were scramming, getting their jobs done. Well dressed students walking confidently through those long halls. I think their dressing style can be only put as ‘haute couture’ which means ‘high fashion’. A term I very well picked up from that prestigious institution. I swear, those girls could make even the most ‘pret-e-porter’ outfits look absolutely fabulous. Most of the girls there were so trend updated. All well informed about “what’s in and what’s not”. And did they dress to impress.

I immediately knew that the bar was high, so high that my sense of style wasn’t going to cut it. I knew that from that moment on I had to set new standards for myself, step out of my comfort zone and explore the opportunities beyond. Scary? No just mind numbingly petrifying.

Fortunately, I had an amazing mentor to guide me through it all. Cue fashion stylist, costume designer, fashion lecturer Rima Melwani. She was truly an inspiration. One that ensured I survived the duration of my course. Her eloquent words could just immediately transport you, transport you to the promised land. The land where you make it, you style it and you sell it. The place which makes it all worth it. The land that I will surely be a part of, someday. We styled all sorts of looks- be it pret or Avant Garde, skinny fit or baggy, fit and flare or body tight. You name it, we styled it.

It was a lot of hard work, but the results were all worth it. I never knew a simple white shirt could be worn in such ways or that a simple accessory could make or break your entire outfit. The things I learned were out of this world. Well obviously, since they weren’t in this world but in the fashion world. The whole thing really helped me shape a new perspective. One I never thought I could develop. It was mind boggling but entertaining. Fashion really is a whole new plethora of opportunities.

I cannot believe I got to be a part of something so stunning. Something that made me realize how much more there was to the word ‘fashion’. I now understand what Anna Wintour, late Coco Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Donatella Versace etc meant when they said that fashion isn’t a trend, it’s a lifestyle. Oh! and in case you were wondering which fashionista I am. I’m the one who loves it all.